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Book Review: Bardin & Marsee's Waterproof Bible

January 2015

The Waterproof Bible meets its primary goal of providing a very durable -- and obviously waterproof -- means of carrying Scripture... The material will be familiar to Air Force operators, as the paper is the same tear-resistant plasticized paper used in aircrew checklists...

When durability is an it may be for some members of the military who deploy around the world, the Waterproof Bible is an excellent option.



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Being a fighter pilot is like being in a motorcycle gang...except your mother is still proud of you.

This site is intended to provide the military Christianespecially those that are or want to be fighter pilotswith the information, resources, and support they need for living an active life of faith as a professional military officer.  Whether Air Force, Navy, or other, active duty, Reserve, or National Guard, this site aims to provide support for living the life of a Christian in the military.

Read current events and encourage others.  Find resources, Christian support at military bases, and link to any variety of Christian sites across the web.  Contact with your thoughts and suggestions.

An Air Force Chaplain prays with pilots prior to a mission.  

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