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"Christian Fighter Pilot"
   is not an oxymoron

Jonathan C. Dowty, April 2007
196 pages

FIGHTER PILOTS are known for their bravery, cunning, and skill in combat. They are also known for their expertise in worldly vices. Few people would think that Christian men and women could be a part of that military culture.

They not only can, but should.

Godly men and women can be both good Christians and good fighter pilots, Sailors, Soldiers, or Marines--something many people believe is a contradiction.  From fighter pilot traditions to the controversy of military evangelism, Christian Fighter Pilot explains not only the popular fighter pilot culture, but also the sometimes secretive world of the men and women who fly and fight. Whether in training or combat, Christians are shown that they can live out their faith and still excel in the world's best military.

About the Author
Jonathan Dowty is a Christian, American military Fighter Pilot, author, and public speaker. A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, he has been active in military ministry since before his commissioning. Jonathan is a combat-experienced F-16 pilot with tours in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He and his wife, Beth, make their home wherever the military sends them.

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