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Pictures of Religion in the Military

The following photo galleries are a cross-section of the varied ways in which the US military interacts with religion.  The US military maintains trained Chaplains, supports the free exercise of its troops (regardless of religion), and is an environment in which many faiths are present.

Credit is given where known.  Submit photo suggestions.

Military Spiritual Support

Chaplains in Action
Facilities of Faith (Military Chapels, Synagogues, Mosques, etc.) (Upcoming)

Religious Free Exercise

Prayer in Uniform
Christian (New)
Other Belief Systems (Buddhist, Eastern, atheist) (Upcoming)

Religious Controversy in the Military (Upcoming)
Right or wrong, these photos inspired scandal and controversy over religion and its relationship with the military.

General Military (Upcoming)

God and Country

The latest in military Christian commentary & news.


Book Reviews
for the military Christian


Last Updated: 04/03/2011

Promoting Christian Officership and Religious Freedom in the Military

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